• The pictures below show where the Electronic Serial Number (ESN), Serial Number (SN) and Validation Code (VC) are located depending on your Patient Card.


    Breast implant cards



    Gluteal implants cards







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    Thank you for contacting us, and congratulations on your Motiva Implants!


    In order to register your implants, please go to https://motiva.health/motivaImagine/ and create/log into your account.


    You can use either the Serial Number (SN) and the Validation Code (VC) OR the Electronic Serial Number (ESN). You don’t need both. Some Motiva implants do not have an ESN number, given that they do not have the Qid microtransponder technology in them. This is completely okay, as you can still register them using the SN and VC.

    The SN has 10 digits in the format is 00000000-00. Remember that each SN is unique. If you use the SN, you also need the VC, which is the number or letter that you can find on the right of your sticker.

    The format of the ESN is 15 digits and, usually, it starts with 9.


    Please refer to this image where to find it.



    Please try again considering these tips, and let us know if you are able to complete your registration. 


    If you have any additional issues, please send us a picture of your implant card and a video of your process to be able to help you. 

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